2016-10-12 22:19
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Wow well I guess I haven't used this journal in about 3 years on the dot.

Turns out that having the entire outward-facing onus on Xan actually drives us insane, and even more surprising, we actually function worse when we try to smile and act like we're more representative than congress. I know, it sounded hokey to me too at first.

Anyway, the past 3 years have been ... interesting, I guess:

I live with Voidirium (null, dax, sebastian, objectual, ...) now, for a bit over two years. It has been mostly good; they're fucked-in-the-head just as much as we are, so 2015 was kind of hell-on-earth trying to get that untangled, but 2016 has been far less thorny, and the entire situation is far more sustainable than living with arm (and overshadows my situation in Florida entirely). Weird to think that Florida was 20% of my life ago now.

A lot of our friends from before about 2014 turned out to be ... let's be cloying a moment, less than compatible with our various ways of life, whether that be our variously incomplete recoveries from a terrifying childhood, or simply our personal choices. Some of these were pleasant partings-of-ways, but more than I'd've liked involved manipulation, mob harassment and/or stalking. At any rate, we're more hermitlike than we used to be, but we're definitely happier this way.

I'm here now, which I also guess is new since the last time I posted here. I'm Alexei, I gained totally unrelated self-awareness while balls-deep in an obscure void god, how's your life been.

We have a cat, he's very fluffy, you might've seen Arm post him. He likes her (and her bag) a lot. We feed him raw meat, and he is an excellent example of how raw meat is Not Somehow Bad For Cats Despite Being Their Actual, Obligatory Diet, But I'm Not A Veterinarian With Any Reason To Be Trying To Sell Certain Brands Of Pet Food So What Do I Know. 4 years old and he still runs around the place like a 1 year old maniac.

Yes, I heard about the new Unreal Tournament. No, we don't like it. They treat their artists on a 'for credit!' basis, naturally self-selecting to those with either the time or the void of self-respect to fall for it; even their old musicians have attempted to call this out, to little effect. The entire situation is embarrassing for a company that can easily afford to pay for peoples' work. They have also un-designed just about everything Xan and I liked about the game in the first place. That's all I have to say; Xan doesn't want to talk at length about it, unless asked at a time he's in a mood to be in a bad mood.

I started eating along ketogenic/low-carb-high-fat guidelines some weeks ago, which ... has caused more of an improvement in my general state of depression and irritation than anything else we've tried. I don't expect it to work for anyone else, but forgive us if we (esp. Xan, who experienced the worst depression in recent memory) come across as preachy about it; it's frustrating how little most people seem to want to try to understand about food, and it's frustrating how diet changes tend to get booed out of hand as 'natural healing' (which isn't nearly inherently a bad idea; just much too prone to abuse).

Anyway, been doing kinda-sorta-well lately; had a bit of an uptick in income, which has allowed us to fix some things that have direly needed fixing, like our 10+ year old router, and the parts I needed to get my desktop PC (which actually has a graphics card) running again. (I am still on the same Macbook for the 'main' computer, and it's still running just as strong, albeit the battery is sadder and the power adapter is trying to break apart FOR THE FOURTH TIME.)

Stardew Valley is really damn addicting.

Working on getting Creatures installs synched so I can run it in the background again.

That's my day, how was yours?